Webinar sept 15 2021 - 1080WebShareName.mov

Webinar sept 15 2021 - 1080WebShareName.mov

Sep 15, 2021

Frustrated with how long it takes to roll out new applications (and updates) when changes are required to messaging middleware environments?

Is your team getting blamed for issues outside your control?

During this short webinar and open Q&A, we will discuss:

Speed-to-market and missed-deadlines for new applications.
How messaging middleware teams fit within the Development and DevOps framework.
The required balance of quality vs. time, and the limitations that your provided tooling creates.
How complexity increases dramatically when you manage multiple business applications.
How leading financial services and (Fortune 1000) enterprises are now solving these issues.
If you are managing a multi-middleware, multi-cloud/hybrid environment (MQ, IIB, Kafka, TIBCO EMS) this webinar is for you.