Webinar: Improving AWS Lambda Cold Starts

Webinar: Improving AWS Lambda Cold Starts

Nov 11, 2020

AWS has improved Lambda cold starts by leaps and bounds in the last year. But for performance-sensitive applications such as user-facing APIs, Lambda cold starts are still a thorn in one’s side, especially when working with languages such as Java and .Net Core.

In this webinar, we will dive into strategies for improving cold start latency and how to mitigate them all together with Provisioned Concurrency, and how Lumigo helps you optimize your use of Provisioned Concurrency.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • When you should be worried about cold starts
  • Understand what happens during a cold start
  • How to reduce cold starts with NodeJS and Java
  • How to use provisioned concurrency to mitigate cold starts altogether

Speaker: Yan Cui
Yan is an AWS Serverless Hero and a Lumigo Developer Advocate. He has been an architect and lead developer with a variety of industries ranging from investment banks, e-commerce to mobile gaming. He is also the author of Production-Ready Serverless and a co-author of F# Deep Dives.

This webinar was recorded on Thursday, September 24, 2020