Webinar: Exploring Kubernetes 1.18 with Alex Ellis

Webinar: Exploring Kubernetes 1.18 with Alex Ellis

Oct 13, 2020

With the release of Kubernetes 1.18, we saw 40 features and updates added. In a recent blog post we collated these together in one place so that you can learn what may affect your clusters and prepare for change. Now, we go one step further, inviting Alex Ellis, CNCF Ambassador and Open Source project founder to share his take on the changes.

We saw Alex’s in-depth article on the recent deprecations around “kubectl run” and asked him to pick four of his highlights to share with examples. Join this webinar as Alex covers the following areas and what you should do next:

What’s the debug command do?
How is Ingress changing?
Why keep secrets as immutable?
What’s going on with “kubectl run”?

Alex Ellis, CNCF Ambassador, founder of OpenFaaS and Inlets

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