Webinar: Building Serverless Flows with AWS Step Functions

Webinar: Building Serverless Flows with AWS Step Functions

Dec 16, 2020

AWS Step Functions are an emerging solution in the field of serverless architectures, as they provide capabilities to coordinate between many services. This webinar takes the "Right to be forgotten" (GDPR) workflow as an example of a hands-on AWS Step Functions tutorial: use-cases, difficulties, and solutions.

Combining Cloudway's experience with Lumigo's monitoring and debugging solution, we provide a full framework to manage multiple subsystems into a single serverless flow and get the work done.

Some of the topics we cover in the webinar include:

  • What are Step Functions, their use cases, and advantages
  • How Step Functions work with AWS Lambda
  • A complete serverless app using Lambda and Step Functions
  • How to handle logging, monitoring, and alerting

Jente Peeraer
As a Cloud Architect and Developer at Cloudway, Jente is highly experienced in architecting and building projects specifically for the cloud. He applies a Serverless approach for many use cases, using a variety of different managed services including AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Step Functions, Kinesis, SQS, SNS.

Saar Tochner
Saar Tochner is a Lumigo Senior Developer. Saar is an experienced software team-lead with a demonstrated history of working on a variety of high performances and durability oriented systems with expertise in serverless technologies.