VictoriaMetrics Meetup June 2023: Introducing VictoriaLogs | Open Source Logs management

VictoriaMetrics Meetup June 2023: Introducing VictoriaLogs | Open Source Logs management

Watch the recording of our 2nd virtual meet up of the year during which we announced the new VictoriaLogs!

Agenda - Summary:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Overview of the latest features
  • 2023 Roadmap Review/Update
  • VictoriaLogs Preview
  • News & Where to Find Us
  • AMA ‘Ask Me Anything’

Please let us know if you'd like to see any other topics covered at future meet ups, or if you'd like to present a topic!

Agenda - Detailed:

  • What's new in VictoriaMetrics at Q2 2023
  • Releasing Graphite Query Language in Open Source VictoriaMetrics
  • VictoriaMetrics now on Windows!
  • vmui features
  • - heatmap support
  • - relabeling playground
  • - WITH template playground
  • - cardinality explorer change tracking
  • vmauth improvements
  • vmagent Kafka integration improvements
  • Stats for matched time series in response
  • vmui detects expressions matching no series
  • vmalert detects alerting rules with no matching series
  • Alerts for alerting and recording rules
  • 2023 Roadmap Review/Update
  • Grafana datasource plugin
  • Grafana datasource plugin: WITH templates support
  • OpenTelemetry ingestion protocol support
  • VictoriaLogs Preview
  • What is VictoriaLogs
  • VictoriaLogs Features
  • VictoriaLogs vs Elasticsearch benchmark
  • Query Performance
  • LogsQL Performance Optimization
  • Benchmark Summary
  • - VictoriaLogs uses 2.2x less CPU than Elasticsearch
  • - VictoriaLogs uses 28x less RAM than Elasticsearch
  • - VcitoriaLogs uses 13x less disk space than Elasticsearch
  • - VictoriaLogs performs typical log analysis queries faster than Elasticsearch
  • VictoriaLogs is ready for evaluation!

#victoriametrics #opensource #timeseries #database #monitoring #prometheus #grafana #logs #cardinality #streaming #elasticsearch #benchmark

Thanks to everyone who attended, enjoy the recording!

Please post your questions or comments here under the video.

0:00 Warm Up Chat

3:58 Welcome to the Meet Up

5:12 What's New in VictoriaMetrics

18:42 2023 Roadmap Review / Update

23:08 VictoriaLogs Introduction / First Impression

51:51 Where to Find Us & Latest News

55:38 AMA (Ask Me Anything) Session