VictoriaMetrics Meetup December 2022

VictoriaMetrics Meetup December 2022

Welcome to the recording for the first VictoriaMetrics User Meet Up live-streamed on our YouTube Channel. Our Founders team discussed 2022 highlights, including features highlights, the 2023 roadmap for VictoriaMetrics, discussed the latest & greatest on Managed VictoriaMetrics - and we finished the meet up with an 'Ask Me Anything' session. Thanks for all the questions and the discussion! Enjoy the recording :-)

Welcome & Introduction - Roman Khavronenko

2022 Features Highlights - Speaker: Aliaksandr Valialkin

  • MetricsQL Features
  • Support for @ modifier
  • keep_metric_names modifier
  • Advanced label filters’ propagation
  • Automatic label filters’ propagation
  • Support for short numeric constants
  • Distributed query tracing!
  • New functions
  • vmui Features
  • Cardinality explorer!
  • Top queries
  • Significantly improved usability and stability!
  • vmagent Features
  • Fetch target response on behalf of vmagent
  • Filter targets by url and labels
  • /service-discovery page
  • Relabel debugging!
  • support for absolute __address__
  • New service discovery mechanisms
  • Multi-tenant support
  • Performance improvements
  • Relabeling Features
  • Conditional relabeling
  • Named label placeholders
  • Graphite-style relabeling
  • vmalert Features
  • Better integration with Grafana alerts
  • Reusable templates for annotations
  • Debugging of alerting rules
  • Improved compatibility with Prometheus
  • vmctl Features
  • Migrate all the data between clusters
  • Data migration via Prometheus remote_read protocol

Enterprise Features

  • mTLS support
  • vmgateway JWT token enhancements
  • Automatic restore from backups
  • Automatic vmstorage discovery
  • Multiple retentions

Various Enhancements

  • Environment vars can be referred in command-line flags
  • Performance improvements
  • Deduplication and downsampling improvements
  • Support for metrics push
  • Support for Pushgateway data ingestion format
  • VictoriaMetrics cluster: multitenancy enhancements
  • vmbackup / vmrestore: Azure blob storage
  • Official MacOS builds
  • Official FreeBSD and OpenBSD builds
  • Raspberry PI optimizations
  • LTS releases

2023 VictoriaMetrics Roadmap - Roman Khavronenko

  • Grafana datasource plugin
  • OpenTelemetry ingestion protocol support
  • Streaming aggregation
  • vmalert: UI for rules management
  • vmalert hysteresis support
  • vmui explore tab
  • VictoriaLogs

The latest on Managed VictoriaMetrics

  • What is Managed VictoriaMetrics?
  • Features
  • VictoriaMetrics Cluster and Single Version with Enterprise features
  • Downsampling, Retention Filters and more features are available
  • UI for ad-hoc queries and exploration
  • Native integration with VictoriaMetrics or other monitoring stack
  • Secured access
  • Automatic version upgrades using rolling update strategy
  • Support from VictoriaMetrics team
  • SLA
  • What's Under the Hood?
  • Kubernetes and VictoriaMetrics Operator
  • Karpenter for autoscalling
  • Automated backups and restoration with VM BackupManager Enterprise
  • Access management with VMAuth
  • Roadmap
  • Alternative payment providers
  • Alerting and Recording rules
  • UX/UI redesign
  • Integrate more notification systems
  • Private links in AWS
  • SOC(2) compliance
  • More cloud providers
  • Everything that’s in VictoriaMetrics roadmap

Ask me anything session

  • Watch the video :-)

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Thanks to everyone who attended, enjoy the recording!

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