VictoriaMetrics Meetup April 2024

VictoriaMetrics Meetup April 2024

Watch the replay of our live Q1 2024 Virtual Meet Up with the following agenda:

  • Intro & Warm Up
  • What's new in VictoriaMetrics as of Q1 '24
  • Long Term Support (LTS) Update
  • Anomaly Detection launch & update
  • Community News
  • AMA session (open mic)

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Detailed agenda:

What's new in VictoriaMetrics

  • New releases
  • v1.97 - long-term support (LTS) release
  • v1.98 - mTLS authorization in all VictoriaMetrics components
  • v1.99 - improved propagation of label filters in MetricsQL queries
  • v1.100 - improvements in streaming aggregation and vmauth
  • New features
  • DataDog integrations
  • Accept data from new versions of DataDog agent via DataDog v2 API
  • Accept data from DataDog AWS lambda extensions
  • OpenTelemetry
  • Data ingestion via Amazon Firehose: Accept OTEL metrics from Amazon Firehose
  • Prometheus-compatible naming
  • -opentelemetry.usePrometheusNaming command-line flag
  • Converts metric names and labels into Prometheus-compatible naming in the
  • same way as OTEL collector does
  • Hetzner service discovery
  • Discover scrape targets at Hetzner Cloud and Hetzner Robot
  • hetzner_sd_configs
  • Per-tenant and per-label downsampling (enterprise feature)
  • Individual downsampling configs per distinct sets of tenants
  • Individual downsampling configs per distinct sets of time series
  • New Graphite query functions
  • aggregateSeriesLists
  • diffSeriesLists
  • multiplySeriesLists
  • sumSeriesLists
  • mTLS support
  • Every VictoriaMetrics Enterprise component verifies client TLS certificates if -mtls command-line flag is set
  • Vmauth Enterprise supports mTLS-based request routing
  • vmauth: improved request routing
  • Host-based request routing
  • Query args-based request routing
  • Arbitrary header value-based request routing
  • vmauth: DNS-based load balancing
  • Even load balancing across IP addresses behind a single hostname
  • Works great with vminsert and vmselect services

MetricsQL: new functions

  • sum_eq_over_time
  • sum_gt_over_time
  • sum_le_over_time
  • count_values_over_time - counts the number of unique sample values over time
  • MetricsQL: improved label filters’ propagation
  • Stream aggregation improvements
  • Reduced memory usage by up to 5x
  • De-duplication during data ingestion
  • New aggregation functions:
  • ○ unique_samples
  • ○ increase_prometheus
  • ○ total_prometheus
  • Ability to drop labels before stream aggregation and de-duplication
  • keep_metric_names option
  • Performance improvements
  • Improve registration speed for new time series by up to 10x
  • Reduce memory usage when scraping targets with big number of metrics
  • Optimize performance for /api/v1/labels and /api/v1/label/.../values APIs

VictoriaMetrics Long Term Support Updates

  • VictoriaMetrics LTS. Status
  • 1.93.x LTS will be supported at least until the end of July 2024 for Open Source Version
  • 1.97.3+ contains bug fixes for Enterprise Version
  • All bug fixes and improvements go to the master branch
  • VictoriaMetrics LTS. Why?
  • The amount of community support (GitHub issues, Slack, Telegram, StackOverflow questions etc.) overhead increased 4x during the last year
  • Reducing test coverage of new releases by the VictoriaMetrics community
  • By doing this we hope to get more feedback from the community
  • VictoriaMetrics LTS. Your steps
  • Update to the latest version of VictoriaMetrics. It contains all bug fixes and improvements/features
  • For personal usage, you can request the VictoriaMetrics Enterprise version for free

Anomaly Detection launch & update

  • Recap: What is anomaly detection?
  • Recap: Why ML & AI for anomaly detection?
  • Why VictoriaMetrics Anomaly Detection?
  • What’s new: Flexible Configs
  • What’s new: AutoTune
  • What’s new: Docs & site updates
  • Quickstart - minimalistic guide on how to set up and run `vmanomaly` (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Model types - explanations and diagrams to understand specifics of a lifecycle and find the best model for your use case
  • AutoTuned model introduction - find out how to set-and-forget the model of your choice to learn from your data
  • VictoriaMetrics Anomaly Detection got its own feature page
  • Roadmap for 2024
  • Streaming models support
  • GUI: Deeper integration with anomaly detection service
  • Node_exporter preset. Presets for common tasks, like “seasonal_weekly”, “testing”, “autotuned_daily”
  • (Q3-Q4) Root Cause Analysis: Drill down your incidents faster and more efficient. Finishing transition from PoC to production.

Community Update & News Q1 Meet Up ‘24

0:00 Intro & Warm Up

4:50 What's New in VictoriaMetrics - Alex

31:27 Long Term Support (LTS) Update - Artem

36:58 VictoriaMetrics Anomaly Detection - Daria & Fred

46:16 Community Updates & News - JJ

55:16 AMA Session