Uptrends - Introducing Self-Service Transactions

Uptrends - Introducing Self-Service Transactions

Published Oct 15, 2019

Create, tweak, and launch Transaction monitors yourself!

We’ve had Web Application Monitoring for years. After recording, our Support team tweaks and tests transaction scripts for you (this is still an option). With Self-Service Transactions (SST), you can now write and manage your own scripts. If you have a Business or Enterprise account, you can start using Self-Service Transactions during the final stages of our beta testing.

We've added the fun to your transactions!

From now on you can edit and activate them yourself with our new visual editor. Even the script itself is fully accessible. With a bit of CSS knowledge, transaction editing is a piece of cake.

Learn more about Self-Service Transactions in our blog post: https://blog.uptrends.com/product-updates/introducing-self-service-transaction-monitoring-beta/

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