Unlocking Resilience - Episode 1 - William Shatner - Resilience Makes the Leader

Unlocking Resilience - Episode 1 - William Shatner - Resilience Makes the Leader

Everbridge CEO, David Meredith spends some time talking with award-winning entertainer William Shatner to discuss the role of resilience in leadership. Shatner reveals insights into his experience with numerous leaders and CEOs. From discussing his own experience as a leader in the films, television and beyond, to developing his personal brand of questing for knowledge, Shatner and Meredith touch on leaders of popular companies such as Priceline and Amazon, just as he heads into space on Blue Origin with Jeff Bezos. Listen for more about Shark Week, Rescue 911, and Shatner’s upcoming album.
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Show Notes:

2:20 - "Hey, why don't we drive that motorcycle from Chicago to Los Angeles?" A Lesson in Staying Resilient

5:55 – “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Adaptability and leadership.

6:58 – The importance of “educated guesses” and knowing what you don’t know.

7:57 – Dr. Fauci’s leadership during COVID. [link to symposium session]

10:08 – Technology: digital transformation’s importance in mitigating effects of critical events.

11:34 – Taking leaps. Jeff Bezos and Regression to the Mean

14:30 – William Shatner as Artificial Intelligence

16:36 – Businesses and Futuristic Technology

18:40 – The importance of Hyper-Local Threat Intelligence

19:09 – Leadership is Learning from Mistakes – Priceline’s Stock

21:30 - Building an Iconic Brand – “There was some talk about me going up with Bezos on his Blue Origin.”

24:20 – Questing for Knowledge

26:16 - Rescue 911 and crisis management

29:00 – William Shatner’s Upcoming projects: 29:33 – New album, Shark Week

31:22 – Dealing with Fear and the Courage of First Responders

33:37 – “I Don’t Understand”

36:47 – “Ask questions, just ask questions, seek knowledge.”