Serverless Heroes Discuss The Latest Trends in Serverless Development

Serverless Heroes Discuss The Latest Trends in Serverless Development

Mar 1, 2022

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How Lumigo Monitors Its Production
Monitoring your production is challenging. Lumigo processes more than 1.5B Lambda invocations per month and digests 25TB of data monthly. Many things can go wrong. In this session, I will explain how Lumigo operates its production from tools to processes.

Zero Friction Lambda Instrumentation: A Practical Guide to Extensions
As serverless architectures start to grow, finding the right troubleshooting approach becomes a business-critical aspect. This talk will dive into "the instrumentation approach" - keep track of internal events on the lambda and export processed telemetry data.
We should handle legacy code, multiple code owners, and a massive stack of serverless technologies as with any real-life project. Our goal is to write as least code as possible, avoid any existing code changes, be cross-runtime, and leave no latency impact.
This talk will be a practical guide to using extensions. We will extract internal events from lambdas, process, and send telemetry to external services, regardless of the lambdas' runtime. Minimal latency hit will be in our highest interest.

How to Identify Cost Hot Spots
Serverless architecture poses a new challenge to developers - COST.
We will discuss ways to find and optimize your application cost in this session.

Serverless in production, lessons learned after 5 years
Serverless has changed the way we build software for the better. But it’s also a paradigm shift that challenges many of our pre-existing practices and habits, like how we test our code and how we monitor their health.
In this session, Yan Cui will share many of the lessons he has learned from running serverless in production over the last five years. Including tips on testing, observability, and how to keep your AWS cost in check.

How to Turn Your Lambdas Into Lambda-borghinis
The following topics present new challenges for developers when using lambda:
The goal of this session is to cover some best practices and demonstrate how we can optimize our lambdas around them so that we can keep our lambdas fast, resilient, and cheap.

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