September 2020 Online Meetup - What's New with K3s?

September 2020 Online Meetup - What's New with K3s?

Dec 17, 2020

If you haven't heard, Rancher's K3s was accepted last month as a Sandbox Project by the CNCF! Exciting things have been underway with K3s and in this September's meetup we will bring you up to speed on all of them.

We’ll discuss the donation of K3s to the CNCF and talk about the changes you can expect to see as part of this move. These include:

  • Migration of assets such as our code, container images, and documentation out of the Rancher org and into a neutral one
  • Planned improvements to transparency and governance, to help engage more actively with the community

Rancher experts will also cover the features and enhancements available in the 1.19 release. The focus of the 1.19 release has been improved configurability and operations for K3s clusters. You’ll see demos for:

  • Embedded etcd support, with backup and restore capabilities
  • Config file support, which allows you to configure your k3s nodes using a config file, rather than using config flags and environment variables
  • Helm chart configuration support, which will allow you to configure embedded components such as our ingress controller much more easily