Sematext | Front End Tools and Monitoring Solutions

Sematext | Front End Tools and Monitoring Solutions

Sep 5, 2022

Monitoring Multiple Sites and Web applications can be difficult without the correct toolset. In this video, we will look at two of Sematext's front-end monitoring solutions, Sematext Syntethics, and Sematext Experience.

Sematext Synthetics is a synthetic monitoring tool that allows you to monitor your website's availability, yours and 3rd party APIs, and business-critical web transactions with robust synthetic monitoring and testing tools. Create an HTTP monitor or use a custom script to track and monitor your systems performance.

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Sematext Experience is a real user monitoring tool. This allows you to collect valuable data from your real users. Increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data from real user sessions. We detect anomalies and send you alerts in real time. Find slow-loading pages or resources and ensure your customers have the best experience possible on your site. Sematext Experience monitors both Single page and “traditional” website architectures.

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0:00 ⏩Intro

0:39 ⏩Sematext Synthetics- HTTP Monitor

4:50 ⏩Sematext Syntehtics - Browser Monitor

7:25 ⏩Sematext Experience

9:05 ⏩Sematext Experience - Overview
10:12⏩Sematext Experience- Users