Rancher Online Meetup - March 2021 - Rancher KIM

Rancher Online Meetup - March 2021 - Rancher KIM

Mar 18, 2021

Introducing Rancher KIM, the Kubernetes Image Manager. KIM is a proper Kubernetes client that installs and manages the back-end services required to support its focus on delivering a `docker build` (and related image management) compatible experience to your development workflow. This means you can download the KIM executable for your client platform and run `kim build --tag your/image:tag .`, just as you would invoke `docker build`, and have the image immediately available on your single-node K3s cluster. There's no need to push the image to an external repository nor export it to a tarball and then import it into K3s containerd.

The intention is that KIM will work against any kubelet backed by containerd, but the initial focus has been to get it working for K3s by default.


  • Outline design and architecture
  • Demonstrate installation and basic use
  • Demonstrate advanced usage

Let's jump in and explore the opportunities made possible by Rancher KIM!