Prometheus monitoring with Sysdig

Prometheus monitoring with Sysdig

Aug 11, 2021

Prometheus is the de-facto standard for monitoring Kuberentes and cloud-native applications.

However, as your Prometheus environment grows, it gets more and more complicated to use and maintain. Prometheus exporters need to be selected, installed, configured, and updated. And PromQL has a steep learning curve.

How can you focus on your business, instead of building a monitoring solution?

Sysdig Monitor offers:

  • A scalable managed Prometheus service.
  • With automatic service discovery.
  • Enterprise controls and support that simplifies the Prometheus user experience.

So you can put less effort into monitoring, and focus on your business.

Let's dig into how we do it.

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00:00 The challenge of Prometheus monitoring
00:27 Sysdig Monitor, a scalable managed Prometheus service
00:44 Demo: A simple installation
01:00 Demo: Automatic service discovery
01:10 Prometheus remote write
01:27 Demo: Out-of-the-box dashboards
01:37 Demo: PromQL compatibility
01:55 Demo: PromQL library
02:05 Demo: Enriched metrics
02:19 Demo: Alert library
02:30 Integration with management tools + RBAC
02:51 Conclusion