Proactive Mainframe Monitoring

Proactive Mainframe Monitoring

Aug 29, 2018

Virtually every large enterprise uses mainframe, and specifically uses MQ and CICS.

Most monitoring solutions used by mainframe ops teams provide access to many monitored parameters, but few deliver context based on history. This can create many thousands of false positive alerts for every important alert, making rapid identification and remediation of critical issues a major headache.

Nastel provides pro-active monitoring of the mainframe, monitoring as many metrics as you define across ZOS, DB2, CICS and MQ. And for each monitored parameter trending information is calculated continually. This means that only real issues are issued as alerts, with false positives nullified by automated analysis. This allows issues to be identified and alerted in the earliest of stages and allows for a detailed understanding of the root causes of these issues quickly, that allows for remediation faster and come effectively.

Nastel directly reduces MTBF and MTTR, increasing the performance of your business applications and reduces the costs of managing your mainframe.

If you are looking to:

  1. reduce the cost and complexity of mainframe operations
  2. Improve your mainframe operational performance
  3. Provide systems to allow the next generation of mainframe operators to be as effective as the last

Then you should consider Nastel.