November Meetup - GitOps with Rancher Continuous Delivery

November Meetup - GitOps with Rancher Continuous Delivery

Dec 17, 2020

As the number of clusters under management increase, application owners and cluster operators need a programatic way to manage deploying to their clusters. Rancher Continuous Delivery allows an administrator to create groups of clusters and link them to Git repositories. This means an application owner only ever needs access to the Git repository and not the management cluster. Deployment manifests can be defined in Helm, Kustomize or K8s yaml files and can be tailored based on attributes of the target clusters.

In this meetup, we will look at how to manage GitOps at scale with the new Rancher Continuous Delivery feature powered by Fleet. We will walk through getting started with Rancher Continuous Delivery and provide examples of how to leverage this powerful new tool in Rancher 2.5.

What We'll Cover:

  • An overview of Rancher Continuous Delivery
  • How to configure cluster groups and tie them to Git repositories
  • How to manage deployments on the local cluster
  • How to deploy an application across multiple clusters