Modernizing LinkedIn's Traffic Stack | Sanjay Singh & Sri Ram Bathina

Modernizing LinkedIn's Traffic Stack | Sanjay Singh & Sri Ram Bathina

Jan 23, 2023

Presented by Sanjay Singh & Sri Ram Bathina (LinkedIn) at HAProxyConf 2022.
In this talk, you will learn about LinkedIn's experiments with HAProxy in the past, their current HAProxy use cases, and the plan for replacing the existing stack with HAProxy. You will also see LinkedIn's evaluation process, why HAProxy came out as a winner, and how they are planning to leverage HAProxy’s features to modernize their traffic stack which will make them better prepared for the future.

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0:00 Introduction

2:02 LinkedIn’s Feed Page

6:33 Traffic Infrastructure

8:21 Change in Traffic Requirements

11:34 Organic growth

13:37 Feature requests

16:26 Revisiting the Traffic Stack

17:49 Zuul vs NGINX vs Envoy vs HAProxy

21:44 HAProxy highlights

24:58 Valigation Goals

30:30 Performance Comparison

31:36 ATS vs Envoy vs HAProxy

32:19 Conclusion

34:11 Q&A

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