"Managing OpenTelemetry Through the OpAMP Protocol" by Mike Kelly, observIQ

"Managing OpenTelemetry Through the OpAMP Protocol" by Mike Kelly, observIQ

Nov 9, 2022

Managing thousands of data collection Agents across just as many servers can overwhelm DevOps teams. Open Agent Management Protocol (OpAMP) is a new network protocol from the OpenTelemetry Project that enables remote management of OpenTelemetry collectors, allowing them to report their status to and receive configuration from a Server and to receive agent package updates from the server. This eliminates the need to create new custom distributions and redeploy, drastically simplifying Agent management. OpAMP is also vendor-agnostic, so the Server can remotely monitor and manage a fleet of different Agents that implement OpAMP, including a fleet of mixed agents from different vendors. In this talk, Mike will detail the OpAMP specification and future possibilities being discussed by the community.

Presentation Slides: https://static.sched.com/hosted_files/openobservabilitydayna22/3e/Managing%20OpenTelemetry%20with%20OpAMP.pdf

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