Learn How to Simplify Kubernetes Performance Management | Pepperdata

Learn How to Simplify Kubernetes Performance Management | Pepperdata

Complex applications running on Kubernetes scale super fast, but this can create visibility gaps that can make detecting and troubleshooting Kubernetes issues as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

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Although Docker and Kubernetes are now becoming standard components when building and orchestrating applications, you’re still responsible for managing the performance of applications built atop this new stack.

With many companies prioritizing containers for more applications and more uses, an increasing area of concern for everyone in IT is finding a way to monitor, manage, and optimize performance across these sprawling environments. Join this webinar to learn:

A brief history of current trends in computing, cloud, containerization, and Kubernetes
Challenges: virtualization, distributed applications, and multi-cloud
How to meet the demands of new microservices apps while maintaining legacy apps
How to deploy, manage, monitor, and simplify: big data analytics monitoring, platform monitoring, and dynamic optimization
Ways to reduce the complexity of monitoring and managing Kubernetes with automated full-stack observability
What Kubernetes performance management success looks like

More on the episode:
Today's presenter is Kirk Lewis, Pepperdata Field Engineer. Beneath your webinar screen, there's an attachments console with links with webinars, collateral, free trial. You can also type relevant questions into the BrightTALK control panel question box, also below the screen, at any time. And if the presenter doesn't address these questions during the presentation, he will in the short Q & A that follows the webinar. So, without any further ado, let me turn the time over to Kirk Lewis. Hi Kirk! Hey David! Thank you very much.

So, I'll jump right in here with the agenda. So, we'll touch on some current trends that we're seeing in cloud computing. And then, you know, spoiler alert, it’s going to move to a primarily Kubernetes-based conversation as we look at the allure and benefits of Kubernetes, how people are moving to Kubernetes, and then some of the challenges that they're facing when they get there.

And then, what is performance management success look like across a couple of vectors which are key which are observability and optimization. So, cloud computing trends. And we'll sort of hone in on big data here, as that's one of the primary use cases that we're seeing for Kubernetes as an early adoption space.

So, the existing legacy platforms are being forced to change. So, Kubernetes adoption is sort of a push-pull scenario these days. When you look at the change that's taken place, especially in the realm of big data where, you know, you went from having a few vendors that you could choose from before whereas Hortonworks and Mapar are now new versions of themselves in the CDP platform and HPE as a moral platform.

So, as people look at their legacy systems they're having to re-evaluate what they're doing going forward. And people are making big bets on the cloud and Kubernetes in particular. And we're seeing more cloud-first declarations.

So, there are a number of ways that we reach out to enterprises and shops in our sales cycles, and also doing you know, sort of analysis of the marketplace, doing surveys and such. And we're seeing more and more people saying, you know, any new applications that get developed, they are going to be targeting the cloud in one shape or form or another. And Kubernetes is becoming the resource management layer of choice.

As you look at large-scale initiatives like digital transformation and competitive pressure, also there are shops that are looking at using the cloud because they see their competitors and they don't want to lose any, you know, competitive steps to their competitors as they're going to the cloud.
And they're picking up those efficiencies and they're picking up those new technologies that are available in a way that you couldn't really access back in the data center when you had to go procure technologies and bring them in. So, what are seeing as far as the technology, makes it, you hear a lot about, you know AI and machine learning and things as sort of the the the buzzworthy technologies...

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