Learn the Basics of Kubernetes Persistence Management Functionality

Learn the Basics of Kubernetes Persistence Management Functionality

Mar 30, 2022

In this webinar, Oleg Chunikhin, CTO at Kublr, walks you through the basics of Kubernetes (K8s) persistence management functionality and how it can be used to simplify managing persistent applications across different environments - in the cloud or on-premise. Oleg will use a demo environment with clusters in different clouds to show K8s persistence in action.

Learn about:

  • Persistent data abstractions in K8s: persistent volumes (PV) & their attributes PV specifics in different clouds
  • Using PV in K8s: persistent volume claims (PVC) & storage classes (SC)
  • Automatic volume provisioning
  • Persistence & scheduling interrelationships


Kublr is an enterprise-grade K8s management platform. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. and launched in 2016, Kublr automates the deployment and management of production-ready, secure Kubernetes clusters and environments. Kublr allows users to securely and reliably deploy, run, and manage containerized applications at scale.

A subsidiary of EastBanc Technologies, Kublr is a proud contributor to the Kubernetes codebase, an active member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and completed the CNCF Kubernetes Software Conformance Certification program.

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