Introducing Gremlin for AWS

Introducing Gremlin for AWS

Jun 20, 2024

Introducing Gremlin for AWS, a suite of tools to more easily find and fix the reliability risks that cause downtime on AWS.

Gremlin for AWS helps teams prevent incidents, monitor and test systems for known causes of failure, and gain visibility into the reliability posture of their applications—with 90% less effort.

➡️Intelligent Health Checks
Monitor service health during tests automatically without additional observability tools.
➡️Well-Architected Cloud Test Suite
Govern to well architected reliability principles and AWS best practices with a dedicated test suite and reporting capabilities.
➡️AWS-Specific Detected Risks
Monitor configurations for the most common causes of incidents and outages on AWS infrastructure at scale–no fault injection required.
➡️Effortless Onboarding
Automatically discover and onboard AWS services with minimal setup.

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