Identity Access Management (IAM) Automation - Intro to Torq Webinar

Identity Access Management (IAM) Automation - Intro to Torq Webinar

Feb 8, 2022

Security teams are struggling to keep up with the increasing number of attack surfaces and the demands on remediating those attack surfaces in real-time. Security automation is the key to unlocking your security team’s productive potential, but traditional SOAR platforms (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) are complex and can take months of development to implement your first automation response sequence.

Meet Torq, the powerful, no-code automation platform for security teams! We strive to uncomplicate what has been overly complex and help your security team automate with ease.

Join us for an introductory series to Torq, starting with IAM Automation (Identity Access Management). See how in only ten minutes you can integrate your existing security tools with Torq and start responding to IAM events.

Watch On-Demand today, and see how Torq can perform these tasks in a workflow:

  • Okta event enrichment and automatic actions
  • Threat intelligence gathering
  • Chat ops integration for security teams