How to Troubleshoot Networks with Employees Working From Home | Obkio

How to Troubleshoot Networks with Employees Working From Home | Obkio

Feb 11, 2022

With many employees now working remotely, IT teams have had to change the way they manage their networks and services.

Intermittent network issues are hard to troubleshoot and more so with remote users working from home.

Many of our customers have used Obkio to identify and troubleshoot network issues for their remote employees working from home.

From working with these customers, we’ve encountered a lot of similar issues that remote employees often encounter.

  1. Problems with Unified Communication Apps
  2. Remote employees rely on UC apps to communicate, so problems like laggy video quality, choppy Internet connection and other quality issues can be frustrating.
  3. VoIP Quality Issues
  4. VoIP Quality issues are very common for remote employees since VoIP Quality can be very sensitive to network performance.
  5. Slow Application Performance
  6. Slowdowns for apps like ERP and CRMs can greatly affect productivity.
  7. VPN Disconnection
  8. When working from home, many users can experience VPN disconnectivity and no longer have access to the files and documents they need to work.
  9. Remote Desktop (RDP/Citrix) Disconnection
  10. Remote desktops are a great way to streamline file sharing, but they can also be unstable by locking up or disconnecting in the middle of tasks.

Problems affecting home networks can occur in several different places in your network. Here are some examples of problems that occur close to remote workers...

1) Wifi Problems
2) Cable Issues
3) Network Congestion
4) Local Loop Issues

Start troubleshooting networks from home using Obkio Network Monitoring: