How to Troubleshoot Network Issues | Obkio

How to Troubleshoot Network Issues | Obkio

Jun 16, 2021

All IT managers generally agree on one thing:
It’s not about if there will be network problems, but rather when they will happen and how to solve them.

What is Network Troubleshooting?
Network troubleshooting refers to the combined measures and processes used to identify, locate, and resolve network problems located anywhere along a network.

  • Solve network or application slowdown or poor connectivity.
  • Provide visibility to pinpoint the source of a network problem.
  • Collect data about the location & cause of a problem to provide solutions.

How do you troubleshoot network problems? Check your hardware

Believe it or not, many network problems may be caused by faulty hardware, bad physical connections, or incorrect configurations.

When you begin troubleshooting, check all your hardware to make sure it’s correctly connected, turned on, and working. Perform a DNS check

DNS is a directory for the Internet (and every Internet-connected device) that matches domain names with IP addresses.

A DNS check which generates “Timed Out,” “Server Failure,” or “Network Is Unreachable,” messages may indicate problems in the DNS server. Use Network Monitoring Tools

Network Monitoring tools monitor performance to gather data you need to troubleshoot problems.

Tools like Obkio double as Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting so you can do both with one tool! Collect Network Data

Collect information from all users experiencing network issues and the network itself, so you can replicate or diagnose the problem.

A network monitoring tool collects that data for you, so you can then share the data with whoever is responsible for fixing the problem. Contact your ISP

Whether a problem is in your ISP’s network or elsewhere, we always recommend reaching out to your ISP’s NOC to help you troubleshoot problems.

Network problems happen. The key is to identify and troubleshoot them quickly.

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