How to Monitor Network Speed | Obkio

How to Monitor Network Speed | Obkio

Apr 15, 2022

How to Monitor Network Speed with Obkio Network Monitoring

When monitoring network performance, the metric that we most commonly hear about is Speed. But in the network world as in life, speed isn't everything, quality matters too.

  1. Deploy Network Monitoring

It’s important to measure network speed with an end-to-end Network Monitoring solution

Which also measures other key network metrics like
1) Latency
2) Jitter
3) Packet Loss

Obkio Network Monitoring can help!
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  1. Set Up Speed Tests

Use Obkio to run speed tests between any monitoring agents deployed in your network.

On-Demand Speed Tests: When troubleshooting to limit the congestion on your network.

Scheduled Speed Tests: For more automated network speed monitoring. You can set up

  1. Monitor More Network Metrics

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Speed isn’t everything.

In a network, you may have fast Internet speed, but can still have packet loss that can cause major issues with Internet performance.

That's why measuring network metrics with Obkio will allow you to better understand if something is wrong with your network.

Once you’ve set up Obkio and scheduled your speed tests, you’ll have continuous network performance and network speed monitoring, but more importantly, network quality monitoring.

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