How to Measure Network Latency | Obkio

How to Measure Network Latency | Obkio

Dec 14, 2021

Latency is one of the core network metrics that you should be measuring when monitoring your network performance.

Latency refers to the round-trip measure of time it takes for data to reach its destination across a network. Consistent delays or odd spikes in time when measuring latency are signs of major performance issues in your network.

The most accurate way to measure Latency is by using a Network Monitoring Software, like Obkio.

  1. Deploy Monitoring Agents
  2. Deploy Network Monitoring Agents in key network locations like offices, data centers and clouds.
  3. Collect Latency Metrics
  4. Obkio continuously measures latency by sending synthetic traffic every 500ms for the most precise latency measurements.
  5. Analyze Network Latency
  6. Analyze latency measurements in Obkio's Network Response Time Graph and pinpoint latency issues anywhere in your network.
  7. Identify Latency Issues
  8. With aggregation, Obkio shows you the worst latency values in the aggregated graph.

Example: On 30-day period graph, if you analyze the average latency every 4 hours. The average may be good, but you may have poor latency during one of those hours

Obkio shows you the worst latency measurements to highlight network issues, where they’re located and what’s causing them.

  1. Network Latency Alerts
  2. Obkio sends latency alerts based on historical data and not just static thresholds. As soon as there’s a deviation in the historical data, and your network is experiencing poor latency measurements, Obkio sends you an alert.
  3. Troubleshoot Network Latency
  4. A great monitoring solution will also allow you to collect the data you need to troubleshoot latency issues.

Leverage troubleshooting tools like:

  1. Traceroutes
  2. Device Monitoring

To identify exactly where, when, and why the latency problems are happening.

Start measuring latency for free with Obkio!

Learn more in our blog post on How to Measure Latency:

Obkio is a simple network monitoring and troubleshoot SaaS solution that allows users to continuously monitor network and application to proactively identify and troubleshoot network problems.

Easily identify the source of a network problem to quick troubleshoot before they affect your end-users!

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