How to Increase Network Visibility with a Second Monitoring Session | Obkio

How to Increase Network Visibility with a Second Monitoring Session | Obkio

Mar 26, 2021

In today's tutorial, you will learn how to add a 2nd Public Monitoring Agent in Obkio’s app and how to create a 2nd Monitoring Session.

When looking at the results of a Network Session, it tells us what the performance is between 2 points on the network.

For example, let’s say you have a 1st Agent installed in your network and a 1st Public Monitoring Agent installed in Azure and you want to add a second 2nd remote Public Monitoring Agent

  • Select the first Agent
  • Select the session
  • Look at the graph

We are now looking at the Network Response Time Graph of your sessions.

You can easily see if you have performance issues between your two agents. But this won't tell you where the problem is located.

A quick and easy way to identify whether the problem is happening in your LAN, on the second Agent’s side, or between both, is to compare the results of multiple sessions.

To start, we’re going to create a second Public Monitoring Agent:

  • Go to the Agents Tab
  • Click on the + sign in the upper right corner
  • Select Create New Agent
  • Select Public
  • Select AWS
  • We are going to add AWS US East (Virginia)
  • We are going to name it… AWS US East
  • Click Create

We are done with that, Now we want to configure a second Monitoring Session towards our existing Agent:

  • Select the Monitoring Tab
  • Select the Gear icon in the upper right corner to edit existing Monitoring Templates
  • Select your Monitoring Template

Remember, you use Monitoring Templates to create Monitoring Sessions between agents in the first list and agents in the second list.

In this example, Your First Agent is in the first list and the Public Monitoring Agent is in the second list.

To configure a second monitoring session towards a second agent, just:

  • Select the 2nd list
  • And add the Agent that you want to point towards
  • Click Save
  • Go back to the Home Page
  • And refresh to see the changes
  • If you have filters applied you might need to add the new agent to you view

Now if you want to learn how to compare multiple monitoring sessions to locate network issues, check out our next video.

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