How to Identify Network Performance Issues | Obkio

How to Identify Network Performance Issues | Obkio

Jul 21, 2020

Intermittent network problems frustrate users, affect business productivity, and are a nightmare for all IT administrators because they are the most difficult to solve.

Network problems like choppy VoIP, jerky video calls, and network and application slowness issues can affect your business in drastic ways - which is why it's important to know how to identify network issues so you can solve them quickly.

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1. Network Assessment
The applications that run over your network don't all have the same performance requirements. Familiarize yourself with application performance requirements to identify the network performance thresholds to be respected.

2. Causes of Network Problems
The common causes of network issues are almost always the same.

  • Resource Issues (High CPU usage, Congestion in the network)
  • Equipment operation (Hardware problems, Configuration issues)
  • DNS (Domain Name System) Issues
  • Defective Cables or Connectors
  • Interference in the Wireless Network

3. Where Problems Are Located and Who is Responsible
Another challenge for network administrators when locating network issues is to precisely identify:

  • Where the problem is located
  • Who is responsible for that network segment
  • What actions to take in order to find a resolution

4. The Consequences of Network Problems
The longer these problems go unnoticed, the more damage they can potentially cause for:

  • IT Services
  • Users & Clients
  • Your Business

5. Network Performance Solutions
Many tools are available to network administrators such as:

  • Traceroutes
  • Speed Tests
  • Prioritization and QoS
  • Network Equipment Monitoring Solutions

The increase in performance requirements for modern networks forces the use of a new range of tools: Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solutions.

Network performance monitoring identifies intermittent network slowness issues that are difficult to troubleshoot otherwise!

Meet Obkio, a simple Network Performance Monitoring SaaS solution to continuously monitor network and core business application performance to find network issues in seconds!

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