How to Diagnose Internet Problems in your Network | Obkio

How to Diagnose Internet Problems in your Network | Obkio

Jan 17, 2022

Many Internet problems are intermittent which means that they appear in your network for a short time, and then reappear when you least expect them to.

So you need the right tools to diagnose Internet problems. Choose a Network Monitoring Tool

Obkio continuously monitors end-to-end network performance with synthetic traffic using Network Monitoring Agents.

Monitoring Agents monitor network performance from the source up to the destination to identify network issues, diagnose connection problems, and collect information to help you troubleshoot. Deploy Monitoring Agents in your Network

First you need at least 1 Software, Hardware, or Virtual Monitoring Agent to monitor your network performance.

These Monitoring Agents can be deployed on your workstation, at your Company's head office Branch Office Data Center , etc. Deploy Monitoring Agents over the Internet

You need 2 Public Monitoring Agents to monitor your Internet performance.

Public Monitoring Agents are hosted by Obkio and major Service Providers around the world like:

  • Azure to monitor apps like Microsoft Teams or Office 365
  • AWS to monitor apps on AWS Cloud or AWS Marketplace
  • Google Cloud to monitor any Google-hosted apps like Google Meet Monitor Firewall CPU and Bandwidth Usage

Some Internet problems can actually be caused by your Firewall configurations and resources.

Use Obkio's Network Device Monitoring feature to monitor network devices such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches

To quickly detect and diagnose Internet problems like

  • High CPU usage
  • High Bandwidth usage
  • Short bursts of traffic Set Up VPN Monitoring

If you have more than one office and you use a VPN, monitor performance inside and outside of your VPN. Troubleshoot Internet Problems

With this setup, Obkio will continuously measure core network metrics between your network and your Internet to:

  • Identify Internet performance and connectivity issues
  • Alert you if Internet problems are detected
  • Collect historical data to compare Internet and network performance

Once you’ve identified Internet connectivity problems, leverage tools like Device Monitoring and Obkio’s Traceroutes to troubleshoot.

Don’t lose money because your company’s gone offline.

Set up Internet monitoring with Obkio today!

Learn more in our blog post:

Obkio is a simple network monitoring and troubleshoot SaaS solution that allows users to continuously monitor network and application to proactively identify and troubleshoot network problems.

Easily identify the source of a network problem to quick troubleshoot before they affect your end-users!

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