How AI is a Shift Right for IT, Robert Grazioli, CIO, Ivanti

How AI is a Shift Right for IT, Robert Grazioli, CIO, Ivanti

Apr 10, 2024

Find out how AI can help IT reduce burnout and power better Everywhere Work in Ivanti’s latest report:

Without data, you are not going to have AI. But the key here is to have a data architecture that will enable AI, says Ivanti CIO Robert Grazioli. Citing Ivanti’s research report, Everywhere Work Report 2024, he covers why remote and hybrid work has increased the burden and responsibility on today’s IT teams, and why AI is seen by many as a solution to lessen IT stress and put the power back in the hands of the end user.

Ivanti’s research reveals how the Everywhere Work movement has placed more of a burden of IT for monitoring employee communications and productivity. IT teams are overwhelmed and burned out by ticket volume, but most IT teams say AI and automation solutions — such as root cause analysis and predictive maintenance — can help decrease ticket volume.

On the other side, Robert Grazioli explains how AI will help remote workers feel more appreciated, be more inclined to be more productive, innovative and creative in their roles and give them the power to demonstrate that effort to their manager – no matter where or when they are working.

AI can fulfill many of the day-to-day operational tasks that usually get escalated to IT, meaning that IT can spend their time on more productive and fulfilling work.
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