Gremlin for AWS: Demo from Install to Testing

Gremlin for AWS: Demo from Install to Testing

Jun 20, 2024

Gremlin for AWS is a suite of tools to more easily find and fix the reliability risks that cause downtime on AWS.

The cloud opens up a range of reliability challenges that didn’t exist before, especially for customers running distributed, mission-critical workloads. Teams experience the pain of failed migrations, frequent incidents, and reliability toil, but often struggle to modernize their approach to reliability as they modernize their infrastructure. That’s where Gremlin for AWS can help.

Gremlin for AWS enables engineering teams on AWS to prevent incidents, monitor and test systems for known causes of failure, and gain visibility into the reliability posture of their applications.

Of course, Gremlin already supports AWS, and the majority of our customers run on AWS. But with the new capabilities, organizations can capture the benefits of a modern reliability practice with 90% less effort.

Gremlin for AWS is available to all users today. Try it free for 30 days at or in AWS Marketplace. You can also connect with our team for a personalized demo.