GitHub Actions and Shipa Webinar

GitHub Actions and Shipa Webinar

Jan 19, 2022

As a software engineer, leveraging GitHub is one of those tools that transcend your personal and professional development activities. Bringing open source to the masses, GitHub is a familiar platform for many. A newer addition to the GitHub Platform is GitHub Actions which was originally a workflow engine, now expanding into CI/CD. Combining the ubiquity of GitHub Actions to your GitHub project/repository with the powerful application abstractions that Shipa provides is a great developer experience. Watch this webinar recording combining the power of the two platforms.

Bruno Andrade - @bandradeto
Ravi Lachhman - @ravilach


0:00 Start

3:10 What is CI/CD

11:35 Feed Problem - Intro to AaC

17:25 Intro to GHAS and Shipa

34:00 GHAS Executions

41:00 Wrapup