Getting started with cloud security

Getting started with cloud security

Mar 30, 2021

Your application runs on containers and talks to multiple cloud services. How can you continuously secure all of it?

With Sysdig you can.

Continuously flag cloud misconfigurations before the bad guys get in. And suspicious activity, like unusual logins from leaked credentials.

All in a single console that makes it easier to validate your cloud security posture.

It only takes a few minutes to get started.

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform provides the visibility you need to confidently run containers, Kubernetes, and cloud.

Built on an open-source stack with SaaS delivery, the platform is radically simple to run and scale.

00:00 Modern cloud applications
00:10 Sysdig Secure for cloud
00:26 Sysdig Secure DevOps platform
00:42 Demo: Sysdig Secure - Cloud Activity overview
01:43 Demo: Sysdig Secure - Incident response
02:08 Demo: Sysdig Secure - Cloud User Activity overview
02:16 Demo: Sysdig Secure - Kubernetes Activity overview
02:27 Demo: Sysdig Secure - AWS CIS Foundations Benchmarks
02:40 Try it for free!

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