Fault Monitoring vs. Performance Monitoring: What's The Difference? | Obkio

Fault Monitoring vs. Performance Monitoring: What's The Difference? | Obkio

Apr 20, 2020

Fault Monitoring vs. Network Monitoring: What are the differences and when do you need either solution?

Where do we start when users or employees complain about poor network performance? And what tools are available to help? Check out our video to learn about the differences between Fault Monitoring and Networking Monitoring and what may be the right solution for your needs, in under 2 minutes.

Learn more in our in-depth blog post here: https://obkio.com/blog/fault-monitoring-vs-performance-monitoring/

Every IT professional knows that users typically complain about two things:
1. Something doesn’t work.
2. Something is slow slow.

But where do we start when users complain of poor performance?

And what tools are available to help us?

1. Fault Monitoring:
The process of detecting, isolating, and sometimes correcting malfunctions in networks.

The process involves:

  • Maintaining and examining error logs
  • Receiving and processing error notifications
  • Tracing and identifying faults
  • Performing diagnostic tests

2. Performance Monitoring:
Goes a step further than Fault Monitoring…

A true performance monitoring tool tests to ensure that the actual performance of your systems and services is sufficient to support the productivity and its users.

It measures the actual performance of the complete network path by:
- Generating simulated traffic that mimics what users are doing.
- Measuring exactly how long it takes to reach its destination.

What you get from Performance Monitoring is a real assessment of what the performance of your network is from the end-user’s point of view.

What’s the conclusion?

Performance Monitoring is typically more complex than Fault Monitoring.

But this complexity brings a level of sophistication that cannot be matched otherwise.

Performance monitoring is like having an army of administrators constantly running tests from various points on your network.

Actually, like high-speed administrators that run tests much faster than any human ever could.

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