Fargate scanning in under 4 minutes

Fargate scanning in under 4 minutes

Sep 29, 2020

Discover how to scan AWS Fargate containers in under 4 minutes with Sysdig Secure.

Sometimes the handoff between your developers and security teams can be tough, especially when you deploy on serverless environments like Fargate, where a lot of the management of the underlying ECS, EKS infrastructure is abstracted from the teams.

When talking to customers, they typically want to scan these Fargate containers without sending images outside of their AWS environment. Why? Because they want to have full control over their sensitive data by keeping registry credentials and image contents inside AWS.

On top of that, they also want their Fargate scanning to be fully automated and be an extension of their current workflow in AWS by integrating natively with services they are already using like ECR, EventBridge and AWS CodeBuild.

Let’s cover how Sysdig Secure closes the visibility and security gap by providing the first automated Fargate inline scanning.