Episode 3: SSH Keys For Server Authentication

Episode 3: SSH Keys For Server Authentication

In the previous video, we created a build for our new project. Now we are configuring access to the development server using SSH keys. Follow along as we create a new SSH key pair using Git Bash. We'll use PuTTY and the new key to SSH to our Linux server from a Windows machine. Generating a new SSH key is not too difficult, but there are a few gotchas when using Windows.

We are going through this exercise because Eric and Jordan develop on Windows. Todd watches in amusement as his MacOS machine "just works".

Next time, we'll use our key based access to deploy our build to the development server.

NOTE: There's a step you don't see in the video. The public key we generated was placed into the “authorized_keys” file on the Linux server when it was first provisioned. This is why we are able to authenticate to it at the end of the video.

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