Enterprise Chaos Engineering Certification Prep Session

Enterprise Chaos Engineering Certification Prep Session

Oct 3, 2023

Demonstrate your reliability expertise, increase your visibility, and advance your career with a Gremlin Enterprise Chaos Engineering certification.

Chaos Engineering continues to grow in popularity and is rapidly becoming a job requirement for Engineering teams focused on reliability.

In this webinar, Sr. Reliability Specialist Andre Newman goes over the mindset shifts, best practices, and key information you need to prep for your certification.

→What to expect when taking the GECEC course and certification.
→ The fundamentals of Chaos Engineering: what it is, how it applies to modern systems, and how to use it to improve reliability.
→ Examples of how to use Chaos Engineering in real-world situations.

Andre Newman
Sr. Reliability Specialist

At Gremlin, Andre shares the benefits and practices of Chaos Engineering and how teams can achieve success with Gremlin. Prior to joining Gremlin, he worked as a technical writer developing content on microservices and containers, cloud computing, DevOps, observability, and SIEM. His work has been featured in The New Stack, DZone, Software Engineering Daily, TechBeacon, StatusCode Weekly, and other publications.