DORA metrics: Where are you on the journey? @Sleuth TV

DORA metrics: Where are you on the journey? @Sleuth TV

Sep 23, 2022

We're wrapping up Season 1 of Sleuth TV Live! We've covered a lot of ground, so we'll pull it all together with a talk about the DORA metrics journey and where you can go from here.

In episode 6 of Sleuth TV Live, Sleuth's CTO Don Brown and Head of Customer Success Leigh Ann Whitmarsh discussed four levels along the DORA metrics journey, with tips and real-life examples of the opportunities available to maximize your investment in DORA metrics.

05:30 Studio tour time

14:40 DORA metrics - what’s next? Welcome Leigh Ann Whitmarsh

17:14 Quick overview of DORA metrics

18:00 Four levels of the journey

18:17 Level 1: Find the metric of your pain

25:08 Level 2: Track all metrics

36:42 Level 3: Uncover areas to improve

51:46 Level 4: Monitor for change impact

Gear links from Don's studio tour:


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