DORA Metrics 101 @Sleuth TV

DORA Metrics 101 @Sleuth TV

Aug 19, 2022

DORA metrics are becoming the industry standard for measuring engineering efficiency, but where did they come from? In this inaugural episode of Sleuth TV Live, we talked about:

0:00 Welcome to Sleuth TV Live, Episode 1!

10:05 Today's topic: DORA metrics 101

11:44 How do the best software teams work?

14:05 When and how DORA metrics began

18:15 The four metrics & how they correlate to engineering performance

22:50 Story from the trenches - Atlassian's Confluence product

24:40 The problem of how to measure engineering

25:25 What makes DORA unique

28:26 Digging into the State of DevOps Reports

29:25 More resources - Accelerate book and

31:28 Boosting adoption of DORA on your team

36:30 Continuous delivery

40:17 Boosting morale for beginner developers

42:29 The DORA metrics & how to measure them

42:39 Deployment frequency

48:56 Change lead time

52:42 Change failure rate

55:56 Mean time to recovery

59:44 Final thoughts

Resources mentioned in the show: