Does failure happen if no one is around to measure it? @Sleuth TV

Does failure happen if no one is around to measure it? @Sleuth TV

Sep 2, 2022

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Failure. Two of the four DORA metrics, Change Failure Rate and MTTR, require that you first define what failure means. How exactly do you do that?

In this episode of Sleuth TV Live, we covered:

  • What is failure?
  • How do you measure it?
  • The importance of measuring failure
  • ‍- What do you do with failure once you measure it?

0:00 Welcome - Software failure

12:00 What’s your role in a software team?

13:08 Developers are optimists

15:50 Headline failures

17:12 Why failure is a good thing

17:57 Step 1: Measure

20:48 How do you learn from failure?

23:36 Different measures per audience

24:39 DORA metrics overview

26:00 Two DORA metrics on failure

30:46 What do you measure?

31:09 Failure levels to measure

35:14 Step 2: Learn

35:45 Different lessons per failure stage

38:08 TechOps

40:05 Postmortems

44:10 Spying on developers?

47:05 Step 3: Change & How to improve

54:44 If it hurts, do it more

55:17 Takeaway on failure

55:58 Industry news

Resources mentioned in this episode:
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DORA Metrics for Teams:
2021 State of DevOps Report:
DORA Metrics 101:
DORA Metrics: What are they good for?

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