The Dangers of Unspecified Kubernetes Resources

The Dangers of Unspecified Kubernetes Resources

Oct 3, 2022

Optimize Your K8s Environment -- Does your K8s deployment process include ensuring resource specifications are set for containers? Because request and limit values can be difficult to determine, organizations can sometimes leave them unspecified, which can create downstream operational issues.

In this 20-min session we cover:

  1. What happens when container CPU and Memory requests are not specified
  2. What happens when limits are not specified, and the risks to stability this can cause
  3. How to relieve Developers from needing to think about this by integrating analytics into the DevOps processes

We also cover how Densify can help you strategically and automatically map your workloads to the latest Intel offerings to take advantage of performance and cost improvements. Qualifying organizations can even get their use of Densify completely funded by Intel.

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