Container Monitoring Overview with Sysdig Monitor

Container Monitoring Overview with Sysdig Monitor

Aug 8, 2017

Curious how to do container monitoring right? In this video, see an overview of Sysdig Monitor as we go in depth on how to monitor docker containers. We look at Sysdig ContainerVision as a method to see inside containers from the outside, and ServiceVision to help enrich container metrics with service-oriented metadata from Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm, and Mesos - DC/OS.

Microservice performance monitoring sees not just CPU and memory metrics, but also dynamic topologies, slow database queries, and top / slow API endpoints. All without special code instrumentation! Adaptive alerting allows you to build alerts that span microservices even as they adapt. Trace-driven troubleshooting allows you to get down to the individual system calls and logs when an alert fires... all while keeping your production environment locked down.

Full-stack dashboards allow you to see app, container, host, and network data all in one place. ContainerVision also allows you to collect Statsd, Prometheus, and JMX metrics without making your developers re-instrument code.

Container Monitoring through Sysdig is available as both a cloud service or on-premise software to best match your requirements.