Application Modernization With Azure

Application Modernization With Azure

By running your applications and data on Azure, you get the innovation, flexibility, and affordability you need to more easily modernize and digitally transform your business, backed by the premium security policies and
services you expect from Microsoft.

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Whether your goal is to make better decisions, perform important tasks faster, build apps more efficiently, drive profitability, or anything in between, #Microsoft and #Azure can provide your organization with the right tools to bring #applications and #data together and get the job done.

Modernizing your application portfolio with Azure can yield many other benefits:

  1. Simplify your migration and save on costs by “lift-and-shifting” your existing website/web apps to the cloud with
  2. minimal or no code changes and running them on VMs. This way you can retain familiarity with your apps while
  3. improving scalability and reducing on-premise spending
  4. Focus on the customer experience by freeing up time to build robust apps, leverage open-source platforms, and
  5. open new revenue opportunities
  6. Deliver more functionality faster with modern applications and development methods available in the cloud that can
  7. maximize value per development cycle and get new features to market in half the time
  8. Achieve better resiliency for your organization and reduce risk of downtime by using a globally distributed platform, as compared to on-premise
  9. Harden your security posture with built-in cloud security solutions that reduce the vulnerability of your apps and data
  10. Gain more potential for innovation with advanced technology solutions and services that allow you to do things you couldn't do before in an on-premise environment, like integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into your applications
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