10x development speed with local serverless debugging

10x development speed with local serverless debugging

Apr 14, 2021

Serverless is great but a lot of it is in the cloud and in all these different services. Oftentimes we hear serverless developers struggle with debugging serverless locally in order to iterate fast. Without an effective debugging setup, they are left frustrated with slowed development cycle time and decreased operational efficiency.

In this 45-minute hands-on webinar, we'll be discussing how to debug serverless locally to really speed up your development cycle.

What you'll learn:

Serverless landscape in 2021. What are the current options out there and which one to pick for your use case?

  • How to decrease the time of your development cycle by utilizing AWS services like Amplify and SAM.
  • Hands-on live demo of how to deploy and debug Serverless locally. Including tricks, tips and best practices.
  • Logs and metrics-based debugging and monitoring with CloudWatch and X-ray.
  • Best practices and challenges to bear in mind when debugging at scale