10 Tips for Pain-free Pull Requests

10 Tips for Pain-free Pull Requests

Nov 15, 2021

Pull requests don't have to suck. In this video, Don shares his top 10 tips for making PRs a more friction-less experience for everyone involved - from the developer who opens the PR to those who need to review it.

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00:00 Intro

00:08 Future Don

00:43 Measure

01:54 Focus on the biggest bucket

02:53 Only assign one person

03:57 Consider domain and tech expertise

04:59 Automate the small stuff

07:38 Spec big things ahead of time

08:45 Keep them small

09:17 Take it offline

10:44 Automate the deployment

11:46 Automate the merge

12:45 Takeaway

13:39 Outtro