The Appian Cloud Security Advantage

Appian has been a recognized leader in cloud-based enterprise software platforms since delivering Appian Cloud in 2007. From the outset, we built our software to integrate with and complement the cloud’s unique advantages, and to protect it from vulnerabilities. We did so with a unique design philosophy, employing cloud-native and globally recognized frameworks like NIST for optimal security protection, business continuity, and enhanced support.


Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience with Connected Insurance

This speed of change will only continue to accelerate as new technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT, and telematics become more deeply integrated into the insurance industry. But how can insurers deliver the omni-channel, digital-first experience today’s customers demand? The answer lies in connected insurance. What is connected insurance?


A Preview of Appian Portals - A new way to engage with customers

When searching for information or taking action through a public website, end users don’t want to be held back by cumbersome logins or identification requirements. Meanwhile, the organizations on the back end need to be able to quickly and easily create and scale these websites in response to spikes in usage, without compromising security or system performance. Addressing these pain points has been easier said than done—until development of low-code portals, that is.

Ocean Winds: Preparing for the Future of Energy with Low-Code Automation

As a new company operating in the offshore wind energy sector, the Appian Low-Code Automation Platform is helping OW to automate their recently established processes and rapidly build applications to support their vision. Hear from a number of their representatives how OW have seen 75% cost savings and a 25% reduction in the time it takes to execute digitized processes.

Cracking low-code BPM : Solving complex business problems, modernizing operations, empowering employees, and enhancing the client experience

Low-code BPM may be the most important technology investment your organization will make over the next few years. At KPMG, we see low-code BPM as the future of application development and automation.


Driving Digital Twin adoption with LC/NC App development for IoT

In the age of a new normal, remote monitoring and control have become a necessity across the enterprise. The prominence of IoT extends beyond its traditional purpose of sense and integration, evolving to complete end-to-end Enterprise Digital applications that represent physical assets, processes, and environment as a replica in a virtual representation.


Forrester on the State of Environmental Sustainability: Manufacturing is Transforming

Sustainability has rapidly become front and center for companies in virtually all industries, including manufacturing. Regulatory pressures, climate conditions, and heightened consumer and investor awareness are creating new urgency for manufacturers to not only focus more on sustainability initiatives, but to ensure long-term and measurable change.

Appian - Connected Claims

Claims operations teams face the challenge of juggling multiple disparate systems, slowing down the claims process. This increases the chance of claims leakage, fraud, or losing a customer by not meeting their service expectations. Appian has been building solutions to address problems like these for the world’s largest insurance organizations for more than a decade. Learn how Appian Connected Claims can help in this short video.

Automation isn't just for large enterprises: Here's why SMBs should adopt low-code automation

When you hear buzz words such as ‘Automation’, ‘Low-code’, ‘RPA’, or ‘Hyperautomation’, you may think it’s only reserved for the big-wigs or billion-dollar enterprises. Well, think again! If there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s the need to innovate, adapt, and rapidly conform to the changing landscape among organizations of all sizes in order to survive the turbulent climate.