Appian Connected Onboarding

Onboarding institutional clients is complex, risky and unacceptably slow. It often takes many months to onboard an institution as a client and the stakes are high — the longer it takes, the greater the risk of delay or loss of revenue. What is needed is a flexible solution that takes the risk out of onboarding, accelerates time to revenue, and empowers business users with complete control of the onboarding journey. Learn how Appian Connected Onboarding can help in this short video.

Appian & Ignyte: Mental Health Case Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased need for mental health assistance, and the ability to gain said assistance in a virtual setting. Learn about Ignyte's mental health case management application that connects mental health professionals to their patients wherever and whenever they need them, for reliable, secure access on the Appian HIPAA Compliant cloud.

Rob Galbraith: The 7 Fatal Flaws of Insurance, Part 2

Last week, insurance industry expert Rob Galbraith introduced us to “The 7 Fatal Flaws of Insurance." This week, Galbraith weighs in on low-code automation as a competitive advantage in the $5 trillion insurance industry. “For a $5 trillion industry as mature as insurance," says Galbraith, “technology that can help solve any one of the seven fatal flaws would make a pretty good business. There's a lot of room for improvement.”


Empowering Business Users to Shape the Future of Client Onboarding

Onboarding institutional clients is one of a financial services institution’s most critical functions, with direct implications for client experience, servicing, and relationships, that all significantly impact profits. What’s at stake during the onboarding process? Client loyalty, experience, referrals, and profitability. How many touch points across departments—front office, operations, risk, legal, credit, compliance, tax—can potentially elongate the onboarding process?


How Oil & Gas Companies Are Ensuring Workforce Safety During COVID-19

Over a few short months in 2020, COVID-19 accelerated what so many CEOs and CTOs have struggled to do for the past decade: It forced organizations to be agile and adjust quickly to change. Oil and gas companies in particular had to react quickly to get back to onsite work while protecting their workers’ safety. Russell Stewart, host of the Oil and Gas HSE Podcast, recently sat down with some experts from Appian who specialize in our Workforce Safety solution and in the oil and gas industry.


Modern Automation for Business Resilience

The global COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the challenges with the structures and features of global supply chains, and has highlighted the shortcomings within many organisations' own internal working environments and business processes. Organisations across every industry are being forced to evaluate their business operations from multiple perspectives and look for ways to make their businesses more resilient to both unpredictable environments and financial stresses.


The Real World AI Experiment

Few people can understand the difference between theory and practice more clearly than a chess Grandmaster. Our little 64-square laboratory has space for centuries of ideas. With more moves than atoms in the solar system, my ancient boardgame has limitless complexity for the human mind—and was even enough to stump the world’s fastest computers for decades.


Accelerating software projects using the feature design process

Every agile software engineering team wants to do these three things: The reality is that as we focus on improving one thing, sometimes it is at the expense of another. If we focus on accelerating feature development, feature quality could suffer. If we focus on improving feature quality, development could slow, potentially delaying the release. But what if we could have it all?

Credential management best practices for business process automations

This webinar recording gives you a clear picture of the various credential-related perils that can surface because of implementing business process automation (BPA) workfows in your enterprise. Ganesh, our in-house IT security expert will walk you through the risks associated with hard-coding privileged credentials within application scripts and also provide you with a handful of security best practices to mitigate the risks and fortify your IT infrastructure from credential exposure through PAM360.