The Changing Face of Automation, Part 1

The mainstreaming of low-code development has changed the business automation landscape. And the blistering pace of this fast-moving trend—of combining and scaling artificial intelligence, and low-code—is at the heart of the hyperautomation movement. So says Neil Ward-Dutton in his chapter of the recently published HYPERAUTOMATION, a collection of expert essays on low-code development and the future of business automation.


What is Low-Code? Low-Code vs. No-Code, Low-Code Development Tools, and More

A developer's primary job is to work seamlessly, rapidly, and accurately to create software, apps, or websites that match business requirements. Unfortunately, there is a huge margin for error if you have to write lines and lines of complex code. Additionally, many basic tasks in the use of data-related software and other solutions, require extensive coding knowledge that many employees simply don't have. One solution to this is low-code software and development.


6 Leading No Code Tools Available Today

No code tools and development platforms are becoming increasingly popular. With the no code development platform market expected to rise to $21.2 billion by 2022, these platforms are here to stay. Whether you’re a developer wanting to streamline development and reduce build times, or you’re a manager looking for a faster, easier way for development, a no code software solution could be just what you need.


2020 in Review: A Recap of Appian Europe's Top 10 Moments

In retrospect, 2020 was a year of unprecedented change. Noone could have foreseen what the last 12 months would bring. But in Europe and the Middle East, we’ve adapted to make the most of the situation, building solutions to help our customers keep their customers and staff safe and engaged. Here’s a recap of our top 10 moments from a year like no other.

Appian 2020 RECAP

As 2021 begins, we want to take a moment thank our employees for supporting each other, our community, and our customers throughout 2020. We are excited to show just a glimpse of the memorable moments that took place throughout the past year, and look forward to what this year will bring! #AppianLIFE

Automation: The Future of Work

Whether or not you know it, your organization is at a tipping point. On one side, siloed and inefficient business processes represent the status quo, and on the other, your organization needs to leave this status quo back where it belongs–in 2020–and rethink and reshape your business. Digital transformation is the Emerald City we’ve been marching towards for years, but the yellow brick road has been far more perilous than expected.

Appian Workforce Safety

Appian Workforce Safety is designed to help your organization deliver a safe onsite work experience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. See how this solution provides contact tracing, capacity management, health status reporting, and return-to-workplace certification. Plus, built on Appian's low-code automation platform, and available in our HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified cloud, you can trust your organization's information is secure.

Government Customers Take Center Stage at AppianGovernment 2020 Live

At AppianGovernment, a record number of government customers and partners participated in 49 sessions with government executives, Appian technology experts, and partners. Leaders from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Marine Corps, Health Canada, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Department of Education, and other innovative organizations described how low-code automation is accelerating and simplifying the modernization of their mission systems.


Healthcare and Life Sciences Digital Trends for 2021

For healthcare and life sciences organizations, 2020 began like many other years. They looked to the year ahead and focused on how to best serve their patients, members, and other constituents through their latest innovation. As we now know, nothing about 2020 was ordinary, especially for leaders within these industries.


Insights from GDIT: Modernizing Systems at HHS by Leveraging GDIT and Appian Partner Alliance

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and its operating divisions are intently focused on modernizing critical systems. And for good reason. These are the systems that help the agency and its operating divisions perform cutting-edge research, develop vaccines, conduct clinical trials and more. Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, this work carries with it more importance and urgency than ever.