Introducing the 2021 DZone Trend Report: Containers

Containerization has evolved from the early days of Linux control groups to out-of-the-box solutions offered by cloud providers. Market analysts expect a rise to more than 70% of global organizations using one or more containers by 2023, a huge uptick from less than 20% of them running containers for their applications in 2019.


Finalist for the Atlanta Fire Award!

Speedscale is one of the finalists of the 2021 Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Fire Award! This award is Atlanta Inno’s premier recognition program, honoring the companies and organizations setting the local Atlanta innovation economy ablaze. Fire Awards, presented by Atlanta Inno in partnership with the Atlanta Business Chronicle, is a celebration of the early-stage businesses, enterprises and innovators who are doing special work to set Atlanta ablaze.


A New Approach to Metrics

Today at o11ycon+hnycon—right now, actually, if you’re reading this blog when it was posted—we’re announcing several new Honeycomb features during the keynote. Our industry and community have come a long way since we burst onto the scene, and I’m delighted to give you another version of Honeycomb that continues to demonstrate what’s possible with observability. And it includes metrics.


Seeing Civo featured by Forbes makes all the hard work worthwhile!

Yesterday, my morning started much like most Tuesday mornings do for me... my kids (6 and 4) were up way too early again at around 6am! Both were demanding I play with them before they head to school. I did my usual and said "give me five minutes" as I tried to wake up after another night of going to sleep after midnight... one day I should really learn to go to bed earlier, now that I have kids! But this morning was different. I started to wake from my dazed state and reached for my phone.

Elastic beats Beats Users with a Breaking Change

Last week started locking down its Beats OSS shippers such that they will not be able to send data to Elasticsearch 7.10 or earlier open source distros, or Non-Elastic distros of Elasticsearch. If you weren’t watching closely this might have slipped under your radar. Embedded within the Beats 7.13 minor release that was published over the weekend, a release note advised of a breaking change in which “Beats may not be sending data to some distributions of Elasticsearch”.


BCD Travel Selects Exoprise For Microsoft Office 365 Monitoring

Headquartered in the Netherlands, BCD Travel manages global business travel. It operates in 109 countries with annual revenues totaling $25 billion and employs nearly 11,000 people worldwide. To meet the current and future needs of a growing virtual workforce, the Network Operations Center (NOC) group at BCD Travel had to adapt and scale its IT infrastructure operations. Additional capabilities were needed to monitor Microsoft 365, Azure, Active Directory, AWS, Teams, and other critical SaaS services.


Are you an MS Teams shop? We've got you Covered with Blameless Incident Resolution

We have an exciting announcement. Blameless is providing early access to our Microsoft Teams integration. SRE and engineering teams can now resolve incidents faster without leaving the comfort of their favorite messaging tool. With the Blameless incident resolution product, Microsoft Teams users can now reduce toil in routine incident response processes through automation, codify processes with checklists, and craft retrospectives with the ‘add to timeline’ command.


Cloudera named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021

Cloudera has been named as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave for Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021. We are excited to be recognized in this wave at, what we consider to be, such a strong position. We are proud to have been named as one of “The 14 providers that matter most” in streaming analytics. The report states that richness of analytics, development tool options and near-effortless scalability are what streaming analytics customers should look for in a provider.