Scout APM announces new observability product, TelemetryHub

Scout APM announces new observability product, TelemetryHub

Denver, CO - October 12, 2022 Scout APM, a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), announced the release of the Early Access Program (EAP) for TelemetryHub by Scout APM today. TelemetryHub provides observability solutions for small to medium-sized engineering teams by leveraging the open-source project, OpenTelemetry, and is now available for early adopters to sign up and leverage the power of telemetry data. 

Founded in 2009 with a server monitoring solution, Scout has evolved to provide insight into application performance for an expanding set of supported languages and is now evolving to also offer an observability platform that will enable teams to diagnose issues and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) with a simple, affordable, and usable single pane of glass look across distributed systems. 

TelemetryHub enables users to ingest telemetry data from platforms instrumented with the OpenTelemetry CNCF project. As an early adopter of OpenTelemetry, TelemetryHub benefits from a project with the community support of over 100,000 contributors and is committed to evangelizing and supporting the project through education and contribution. This allows the TelemetryHub team to stay committed to providing the best solution for users and allows our customers the opportunity to implement an ever-maturing, vendor-agnostic solution that lets them have total control and flexibility with their observability data. 

Early Access is available to organizations interested in achieving observability in their complex systems without spending weeks deploying monitoring, or a tool that costs more than their top engineer’s salary. With usage-based pricing and no-seat licenses, TelemetryHub will allow all users with a stake in the health and stability of their systems to utilize the deep diagnostic tools provided by the new platform to broaden understanding and reduce MTTR. 

“The complex and ever-changing distributed systems that software teams are building today demand more than the tip of the iceberg insight provided by traditional monitoring solutions,” says TelemetryHub’s head of engineering, Scott Ernst. “TelemetryHub provides an easy and accessible way to work with your high cardinality, contextual telemetry data to simplify issue resolution and keep you focused on forward development.”

While Scout will continue to support users through our APM offering, starting today, TelemetryHub can now accept OpenTelemetry data. Developing a whole new platform is always going to involve risk, but it’s one we’re excited to take.

“From my first OTel community day I knew we were on the right track,” said Dev Advocate Nočnica Mellifera; “this is a group that’s trying to solve observability in a way that works for everyone.” 

Sarah Morgan, TelemetryHub’s senior product manager adds, “TelemetryHub is fully-invested in the OpenTelemetry project as the future of observability. Standardizing how applications process and send data will ensure organizations an ever-evolving, vendor-agnostic, flexible solution for achieving observability within their organizations and maintaining a high level of understanding of their applications and user pain points. TelemetryHub is committed to supporting customers on their observability journey to achieve deep but widely shared insights that evolve as their systems mature and expand.” 

About TelemetryHub

TelemetryHub is the one-stop shop for all of your logs, metrics, tracing, and spans data and is based on the open-source framework OpenTelemetry. TelemetryHub is committed to being a simple, efficient, and affordable tool to help engineering teams realize the value of working with high cardinality data within your telemetry signals to find, diagnose, and fix issues across your services confidently and quickly.

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