Polish Startup PerfOps working on Internet Infrastructure Problems

Polish Startup PerfOps working on Internet Infrastructure Problems

Krakow, Poland (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2018

PerfOps, a network performance intelligence software company is pleased to announce that they are working to provide solutions related to online infrastructure issues. The Krakow, Poland based startup is committed to revolutionize monitoring of global and distributed network applications.

Founded by Dmitriy Akulov, PerfOps streamlines monitoring of international and distributed network applications. The platform utilizes real-time data to track network performance, diagnose problems and determine bottlenecks as fast as possible. Today, the team is 100% remote and is working from multiple countries. According to Akulove, they have a total of 8 employees working to enhance the software.

Here are some of the Features of PerOps. First, the RUM and Synthetic Tests, the platform collects high-quality RUM and synthetic data from across the globe. Second, the Stream Processing, the engine can process raw data in real-time so you can assess problems faster. Third, Big Data, the platform consumes billions of network performance metrics from across the globe. Forth, the Full featured API, PerfOps have a complete-featured API which is simple to use, well-documented and secure. Fifth, Complete Access allows Access performance data with their dashboard CLI or API. And lastly, Reliable Data, the analytics algorithms guarantee fair and honest among providers.

The PerfOps knows the significance of data, and that’s why users receive RUM and synthetic performance data to create their reports. According to their website, “PerfOps® helps you answer that question by running real-time latency tests from more than 200 global server locations. What you get is actionable real-time data, to be used across your Tech, Marketing & Sales departments alike.”

The 25-year old owner and founder, Dmitriy Akulov came from Donetsk. He worked remotely for a USA company during the active phase of the war in Eastern Ukraine. He coded while getting bombed by artillery sitting in a bomb shelter. Plenty of times, he woke up from explosions nearby to get to safety.

However, later on, he got tired of it all and decided to move to Poland together with her girlfriend to open their own startup company. That’s where PerfOps was built. There, she and Akulov now work together to solve problems like distributed infrastructure monitoring and smart-routing of internet traffic.

Akulov takes pride that he self-funded the company for three years until now and started with a single dev.Today, the company is competing with US giants like Citrix and Oracle. Service is used by companies like Google, Apple, Comcast, Amazon, Automattic, and others.

About PerfOps:
PerfOps offers a complete platform for global and distributed network and cloud monitoring. It analyzes billions of RUM tests from real users and owns a network of hundreds of servers for synthetic monitoring and on-demand tests.

All available from a simple to use control panel and API. Next step is to utilize this data for smart traffic routing for cloud services, which will come in 2019.

For more information, call Dmitriy at 732650392 or visit PerfOps at https://perfops.net/.

Media Contact: Dmitriy Akulov, PerfOps, 0732650392, d@perfops.net