observIQ Launches Powerful New Full Stack Log Management Platform to Beta

observIQ Launches Powerful New Full Stack Log Management Platform to Beta

GRAND RAPIDS, MI. – September 23, 2020 – observIQ, a global leader of open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps, announces that it has launched a beta program for its new SaaS-based log management platform called observIQ Cloud. observIQ Cloud allows customers to seamlessly monitor multi and hybrid cloud environments at enterprise scale.

“The growth in log data has been exponential and the tools to monitor logs haven’t kept up with that expansion,” revealed Mike Kelly, observIQ CTO. “Some of the largest organizations in the world are struggling to solve the challenge of shipping and monitoring terabytes of log data every day, or every hour. After the successful launch of our high performance open source log agent, we worked closely with many of those organizations to develop a full SaaS platform that provides remote configuration, simplified deployment, and best-of-class visualization for a full log solution.”

observIQ Cloud is a powerful full stack SaaS log management platform built upon observIQ’s best-of-breed log management agent and uses Kibana for visualization. With observIQ Cloud, customers can sort, search, visualize and manage all of their log data in real time and easily create their own custom log parsers and plugins. Additionally, customers will be able to update and configure agents remotely, change log levels and parsing on the fly, and know when log messages fail to send. For larger environments, customers can update all their log agent configurations at once with fleet management capabilities. Early customer use cases include SIEM cost reduction, cloud migrations, and log aggregation.

According to a DevOps Engineer at a major manufacturing cloud computing ERP provider, “observIQ is an exciting product that provides event visibility to both traditional and modern workloads in a single interface. This visibility, from traditional Unix syslog all the way to Kubernetes Events, provides a cohesive single viewpoint that is necessary when running today’s modern, interconnected application stacks.”

The observIQ Cloud Beta is accepting customer sign ups for early access to the service for a 30-day beta period before it becomes generally available later this year. Participating customers gain early access to the cutting-edge log management platform, direct engagement with observIQ product and engineering teams, and have direct influence over the direction of the observIQ Cloud roadmap. Customers will be asked to provide feedback to observIQ during the term of the beta. 

To learn more about observIQ, please visit www.observIQ.com Visit GitHub to download the open source log agent. To arrange a private demonstration of observIQ’s new solutions, please contact us at sales@observIQ.com.

About observIQ

observIQ’s mission is to build the best open source observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps. Built by engineers for engineers, observIQ has a specific focus on developing the latest next-generation agent technologies as part of its modern observability platform.

observIQ delivers scalable observability and intelligent control.

observIQ is a privately held, venture backed company, funded by Edison Partners, First Analysis, Lewis & Clark Ventures, eLab Ventures and others.

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